Unable to open your Norton Product? Here is the solution!

Note: This article will guide you how to reinstall your Norton Family Premier. For users who have an older version of Norton Product Premier and ready to reinstall new version of the same product.

Have you secured your gadgets, PCs, and other devices from various bugs, viruses, and online threats? Norton Family provides you the best and latest security solutions to protect your digital devices such as desktop, laptop, and mobile phone. Norton develops these security products to meet the requirements of all operating systems like Windows, iOS, Android and others as well. These products fix all online and offline security issues.

Norton Family provides security solutions for:

  • Your installed apps, pictures, videos, either on desktop, laptop or mobile phone
  • Protect your browsing history and all your online activities.
  • Provides security to your devices when you share your data with other unprotected devices
  • While using public Wi-Fi
  • Keep back-up for your saved and transferred data

When the user is securing the system and handheld devices with the Norton internet security, they don’t need to worry about the security of their gadgets. The only one process, he needs to take care of after installing Norton cybersecurity product is to upgrade the old one to the latest one.

After installing the new product the user may face some issues like the user unable to open the Norton Product. This problem can occur after you update the Norton Family product. In this article, we guide you to how to fix problems you facing while opening Norton.

Here are some requirements that you need to fulfill before reinstalling Norton Setup in your system:

  • The user needs a stable and strong internet connection while reinstalling Norton product
  • Make sure that the tool you reinstalling doesn’t remove “Norton Family” and “Norton Utilities”.
  • Also, the user needs to see that the reinstallation will not remove the “Norton Identity Safe local vault”.

Step 1: Restart your Computer.

  1. To fix this issue first, exit all the programs running on the system.
  2. Then Restart the computer
  3. If the user still facing the same issue after restarting the system, then follow Step 2.

Step 2:    How the user can download “Remove and Reinstall tool” to run Norton product.

Note: If the user has Norton Family already installed in the system, then uninstall it before you run the Norton “Remove and Reinstall tool” in the system.

  1. Select download the Norton “Remove and Reinstall tool” in the system.
  2. Now, save the file option and save it to the Windows desktop.
  3. In some browsers, the file is automatically saved to its default location.
  4. Press the Ctrl + J key now to open the “Downloads” window in your browser
  5. Now, double-click the “NRnR” icon on your screen.
  6. Read the license agreement carefully, before clicking Agree.
  7. Now, click “Remove & Reinstall”.
  8. Select Continue or Remove option
  9. Now, click Restart.

After the computer restarts, you can see the on-screen instructions to reinstall Norton, follow those instructions and reinstall your Norton product.

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