How to remove files from Norton Online Backup?

Like any other electronic device, the computer system may also face Technical Glitches at any moment. This may directly cause loss of your important data, software, and applications. To avoid such situations, you have to always keep a backup of your data including photos, videos, and files. Norton Online Backup does this work for you by backing up your desired files or data.

Norton Online Backup

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There is a certain limit to which you can store your files to the Norton Online Backup. To add more files or folders, you get two options:

  • Buy additional storage from Norton
  • Delete the unwanted or least important files from the backup to create storage space for the new ones

If you choose the first option, you have to visit and then open the relevant section to complete the purchase. And if you go with the second then there are certain steps that you need to follow in order to delete the files from Norton online backup. These steps are:

  1. Visit Norton Online Backup website
  2. Enter your registered email ID and password to access Norton Online Backup account or
  3. Click File Actions available just next to the backup set from which you want to remove the specific files
  4. Now, hit Purge Files
  5. From the Folders pane, select the folder name to move down the folder tree of the files that are backed up and now being removed
  6. You can now see the backed-up files in your chosen folder
    1. You can make this easy for you by simply entering the name of that particular file in Search Box
    2. Hit Search
    3. You can also adopt the advanced search options and then click Show Advanced Search
    4. Now choose the provided search options and follow the instructions displayed on the screen
  7. Select the folders or the files you want to delete
  8. Click Purge Now and then OK
  9. It’s done

You can now add more files to Norton online backup

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