How to fix Norton Security Suite error “Your Norton Protection is no longer active”?

Like the other products of Norton online security which provides a total protection shield to almost all the devices, Norton Security Suite is one of them. It provides a complete antivirus protection as well as internet protection, which helps in identifying the virus, spam, phishing, and online threats. Whenever it suspects malware, it automatically backs up the important files and maximizes the PC performances.

Sometimes, the user may receive certain issues after cancelling their Comcast high-speed Internet or XFINITY Internet subscription. As Norton Security Suite services come along with the Comcast high-speed Internet or XFINITY Internet subscription and get discontinued after you cancel the subscription of the Internet.

The error message may pop-up- “Your Norton Protection is no longer active”.

From 15th May 2018, Xfinity is offering Security Online is replaci ng Norton Security Suite. And one shouldn’t need to switch for that.

If you haven’t cancelled Xfinity subscription or you have just shifted to a new address then you simply need to uninstall and reinstall Norton Security Online. If you haven’t upgraded your Security Online for a long time then you should upgrade it to the latest version.

Check out the steps as listed below to get instant solution to your issues-

 You need to run the Norton setup Remove and Reinstall Tool

1. You need to visit link.
2. Download the ‘Norton Remove and Reinstall’ tool.

Please note- You need to save the file to the desktop. And on some browsers, the file gets automatically saved to its default location.

3. Press Ctrl +J key from the keyboard, to open the ‘Downloads’ window.
4. Double-click on the ‘NRnR’ icon.
5. Select the option ‘Agree’ after reading the license agreement.
6. Click on the option ‘Advanced Options’.
7. Select the option ‘Remove only’.
8. Click on the option ‘Remove’.
9. Select the option ‘Restart Now’.

Tips- If you already have installed Norton Family installed then you need to uninstall it before running the Norton Setup Remove and Reinstall tool.

 Reinstall Norton Security Online

1. Visit the Xfinity Internet Security website.
2. Select the option ‘Download Now’ under the ‘Norton Security Online’
3. Log-in into Xfinity account with the correct email ID and password.
4. Create Norton Account to get the link with Norton Security Online.
5. Follow the onscreen instructions to download and install Norton Security Online.

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