Are you sure your Norton antivirus is running properly?

Norton is known to be one of the topmost internet security software companies, which became popular among the folks for its reliability and cost efficiency. They perform some of the highly critical functions like spam, phishing, virus, malware, Trojan, and many other online threats. The services provided by them are- AntiVirus, Security and LifeLock, Family parental controls, Wi-Fi privacy, and Mobile security.

Norton setup products, especially the current versions are designed in such a way that it runs in the background so that it doesn’t bother you while you’re working online or doing some important work in your PC. It is idle to minimize the effect on PC’s performances when other programs are in use.

By visiting the, one get the app. Norton products are so sensible that one time you’re in confusion whether the antivirus is running properly or not on your PC or you should go with restarting your PC. Check out the steps to do so-

  1. You first need to check the Windows system to see whether the Norton logo is visible which indicates that the software is running.
  2. You need to restart your PC if Norton logo isn’t showing.
  3. Check whether Norton logo is showing now.

Please note- Depending on the Windows version installed on PC, the system tray icon couldn’t be able to disappear during the usage of the operating system.

  1. Right- click on the Window’s taskbar.
  2. Select the menu options ‘Properties’ followed by ‘Taskbar’ ‘Customize’.
  3. Click on the option beside Norton antivirus program.
  4. Select the program icon ‘Always Show’.
  5. Check the status in the taskbar.
  6. Open the Norton’s Control Panel by selecting the program icon on your PC
  7. Choosing from the ‘All Programmes’ sub-menu of the ‘Start’ menu on your PC.
  8. A white check-mark will be shown on a green background with the word ‘Secure’ to display if Norton app is online.

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