5 Important Tips to Make Sure Safer Online Sharing

Now-a-days, all the users have a craze for sharing their special moments over social media networks to stay connected with the loved ones, closely. Apart from staying connected to the loved ones, the users may even expand their friend circle over social media, by sharing their information, publically.

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But the users should be aware of the type of information that they are sharing on the social media, while sharing their social moments over social media. As the information that has been shared on social networking websites might be used by some malicious users to steal the identity of the users. So, to keep your identity safe and secure, follow the important tips detailed below to ensure the safer online sharing:

  1. Go through the privacy settings of your social network sites:

Initially, the users might have set their updates that their shared posts could be seen only by the connected people. But some social networking websites keep on changing their privacy update policies and thus, the users remain unaware that they need to opt the new public-view settings.

Some users may think that they are safe & secure if they are not sharing their moments in public. To think in this manner could be wrong, as if they Google themselves then, they will get shocked that how much their information has already been online. After seeing that information, the users may themselves decide whether they are fine if they worldwide users view their information.

  1. Always accept the invitations of only those persons to whom you know in real life:

This is one of the safer practices to accept the invitations only from those people to whom they know personally or in their real life. To accept the invitations of charming strangers who are actually the cat-fishing in real life, in order to make friends will be quite tempting.

  1. Never display the names of the people in your network:

Sometimes the users might not become the victim of phishing attack directly but could be victimized through their connections only. The cybercriminals might utilize the name of your connections and may send some bogus emails to your friend’s email address, pretending to be the real user of the account.

  1. Choose an antivirus for your device, wisely

You could be the victim of online phishing attacks, if the social media website or platform you are using is infected. So, it is recommended to have a right antivirus such as Norton on your device. To get any of the Norton Product Key, all you need to do is download the Norton setup, install it and then activate it through the link: Norton.com/setup.

  1. Always make the announcements that aren’t too specifies:

The users may the announcements related to birth; death, engagement, and wedding that are not too specified. But the announcements about the baby’s full name and date of birth might give the golden chance to the cyber-criminals to use that information to search the maiden name of the child’s mother. Thus, allowing them to commit the fraud of identity.

Such frauds pretend to remain unknown for several years till the child start his journey of life and build his own credits. Apart from this, the event announcements, as well as the invitations also come under the same guidelines.

Thus, the users should not leak out the complete names of the persons going to attend the event as well as the exact location where the event is going to held, unless it is mandatory to tell. As this announcement might be an unintentional invitation for the burglars to commit the crime.

  1. Always Share but Never over-share:

Before making the announcements over the internet, it has been recommended to think about whether the users are cautioned or not. As the information the user is going to share on their social network might have been shared by some person within your friend list only. Once the information has been shared on the network, it is the duty of the user to make a control over who could see that information.

As aforementioned, an effective antivirus such as Norton Setup (for which you need to download the Norton setup) can also help you ensure SOS. Hope the information was useful!

Smith Watson has been in the digital marketing industry for over a decade. Being a tech savvy by heart, he never misses even a single update happening around in the world of technology. Additionally, he also loves share his technical knowledge by providing his readers guidance and solutions of various issues associated with Norton antivirus, Panda antivirus, Windows operating system and other technical stuff.

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