How to check ‘the trust level of file’ with Norton Antivirus?

Norton being a part of Symantec Company provides you with the opportunity to know the insight of the files of your interest on your system. These file insight will let you look on the file’s signature and date of the file installation. Other than that you can check the trust level, community usage, resource usage, and the source of the file.

Norton Antivirus

Are you the one who wanted to check ‘the trust level of file’ Norton setup antivirus? In this article, you will get your answer. Check it here.

Note– Norton only displays the option of file insight after you just click on the file of your interest.  You would be unable to access this option for any file, in the Windows Safe.

Norton Antivirus categorizes a file, which you have opened up in the file insight window to view the details in the file of interest.

For manually trusting any file, you need to update the trust value of a file from the ‘file insight’ window. All you need is to check the trust level or location of a file.

Follow the steps as shown below-

  1. In the Norton security software main window.
  2. Click on the option ‘Security’.
  3. Select the ‘Scans’.
  4. Choose ‘Norton Insight’
  5. Click on the option ‘Go’.
  6. In the ‘Norton Insight’ window, you need to check the file’s details or perform the following steps-
  • Click on the option ‘Locate’ to find out the location of the file.
  • Select the option ‘Trust Now’ to manually trust the file, in the ‘Details’ tab.
  1. Select the option ‘Close’.

Note- While purchasing any of Norton products, you need to sign-in to My Norton Account to fulfill the other requirements to purchase the desired McAfee product, successfully.

If you need to check the trust level of a specific file, then follow the steps as shown below-

  1. In the Norton main window, click on the option ‘Security’.
  2. Select ‘Scans’ option.
  3. Click on the ‘Norton Insight’
  4. Select the option ‘Go’.
  5. Choose ‘Check a specific file’
  6. You need to browse on your respective browser to the location of the file in which you wanted to check the details.
  7. Choose the file.
  8. Click on the option ‘Open’.
  9. To view the details of the file select the ‘File Insight’ window.
  10. Select the option ‘Close’.

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