7 Important Tips to Secure your Online Tax Filing

It’s already a tax season and cybercrime is at its extreme. The rise in the online frauds, threats, and hackers attempting to steal the confidential information has made Americans worry about their personal data‘s privacy and safety. Almost all of them use different software to file their income taxes. According to IRS, e-filing saves time, includes fewer errors, and is much cheaper than availing a tax service. In addition, with online tax service, one can also get the tax refund in no time.

Secure your Online Tax Filing

While going for tax e-filing one may notice some changes as if they have already claimed for their returns of the year. The possibility is that the hackers may already hack your account and use the Social Security Number(SSN) to file taxes. So hoping for the refund to come up to you, it may actually go into the hands of the hackers.

Given below are some tips and precautions scale to take while filing the tax return online. They are as follows :

  1. Avoid opting for free security software, as that may hack your personal data on your device.
  2. Try not to use the Internet Security Software on your every device. Sometimes the screwed hackers can use the combination of devices in your home to get all the
  3. Avoid using public WiFi, while filing your tax return. As the public WiFi without Virtual Private Network(VPN) like Norton Wi-fi Privacy, isn’t safe and possibility is that someone may pry into your activity.
  4. Never ignore the updates on Software update on your device. The operating system in your device that you are using for e-filing should be up-to-date, to stay alert and protected from the threats.
  5. Make sure the site you are using has Secure Sockets Layer( SSL) encryption and check whether the URL starts with “https” not just “http”.
  6. Always use a strong password for accessing your files. (A strong password- combination of letters, numbers and other characters)
  7. Don’t forget to back-up your data and upload it to an external drive, after you are done with filing the taxes. Remove all the tax-related information, you filed from your device.

Above mentioned tips, are some most important things to remember during tax season. Norton Setup Safe and security aren’t just for tax season but throughout the year. Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Stay alert and focus on the cybercrime
  • Don’t disclose your personal information to anyone you don’t trust
  • Keep your devices and your data, safe and secure
  • Ignore the phishing messages and spam mail, claiming it to be from IRS and other unsolicited emails because they contain the malware that can harm your devices
  • The last but not the least point to consider is always have an antivirus or any other security software from Norton or any of the other reputed brand in your device.

The Norton security products ensure a regular scan of your device in order to keep it free from the viruses, online frauds, and hackers. You can get more information by visiting Norton official website Norton.com/Setup.

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